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Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job?  Are you afraid to step out on your own business journey?  Not sure how to start creating your own business?

Getting started is the hardest part on your entrepreneurial journey.  What if you had a checklist that outlines both the strategy and mindset shifts you need to go from stuck and uncertain, to having the tools and knowledge to move forward? What if you could learn more about these 8 ways to support your new venture.  In this checklist you can!

The Business Start-Up Checklist, by Debbie Clement-Large ( and Clara Rose (, authors of the book, "8 Ways to Mind Your Own Business," outlines the eight areas that will guide you in the initial steps in making the transition to running your own business.

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8 Ways to Mind Your Own Business

Strategies and Mindset for the New Entrepreneur


Where the Business Support Checklist gives you an overview of the 8 Ways, the book immerses you into a greater level of detail. 

This book is different than many other business start up books.  It shows you both the step by step strategies for building your business, whilst avoiding common pitfalls.  At the same time you'll be guided to cultivating the mindset to support your journey.  

Are you ready to learn the 8 ways to start and grow your own business?

Clara Rose - The 8 Ways that Matter

With her first entrepreneurial experience at the age of eighteen, Clara has been a life-long business owner, with a love for learning. Her interest in professional development fueled her adventures into numerous businesses over the years.

Recognizing a tendency to educate others around her, Clara gravitated to business consulting as a career path. Her natural ability to write, speak, and lead, became tools she used to help others start a new business and cultivate influence in their marketplace.

After more than 25 years of consulting, Clara has created a set of steps and strategies, for successfully launching a new business. She is excited to have shared these with you in her new co-authored book, 8 Ways To Mind Your Own Business.

Debbie Clement-Large - Inspired 8 Ways

Experiencing her own loss of self esteem and confidence following the death of her dad when she had just turned fifteen, kick started Debbie's lifetime search for meaning.  Her search led her to learn traditional life coaching, and cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as mindfulness and meditation.  The greatest training she ever received was when she became a licensed Spiritual Psychology practitioner.

All this information has been lovingly poured into this book, helping to highlight that we don't get what we want out of life, but rather, we get who we are.  

In this book you will learn the mindset tools and techniques to empower you and your journey to creating the business of your dreams.

About the Authors

Clara Rose

Clara is the Founder and CEO of Intentional Influence, a division of Clara Rose & Company, a consulting practice focused on writing, speaking, and leadership. Clara works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations who want to strategically and intentionally cultivate their influence. You can learn more or contact her at

Debbie Clement-Large

Debbie is the Founder of Why follow the Herd, an internationally recognised and award-winning Life & Leadership coaching practice, focusing on traditional coaching and spiritual psychology. Debbie works with individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to live and work in a whole hearted way. You can learn more or contact her at

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