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The Journey to Self Love


We can all do with some additional love and appreciation, right!

You may even have the thought that you need to look outside of yourself for the love you want to feel.  The interesting thing to learn is that love and appreciation is best to come from within.

That doesn't mean that you no longer want others to love you, but it means that you don't look to others to fill the void of emptiness which you may feel inside. 

When you learn to love yourself,no matter what, you are never lacking love.  Then when you come together with other people, you show up as a whole and complete person, not needing anything from them, for you are already happy within.

Join me on this Heal your Life workshop at the Waterlook Wellbeing Centre, Plymouth on Wed 23 October 19 for an evening of self discovery.

Stress Detox 


Do you feel stressed and fatigued? Are you interested in learning simple, yet powerful techniques to help you gain energy and live a more balanced, joyful life? If so, you will be interested in this Stress Detox workshop..

This programme will teach participants techniques for mind and body that will enable them to dramatically reduce the feelings of stress and increase balance and peacefulness. The techniques include proven relaxation methods, learning to use your mind creatively to think positive thoughts rather than stressful ones, time management, effective communication skills, using humour to lighten up, and finding a sense of purpose in life.

Live Training via Zoom starts Wed 30th October at 7:30 to 9:00 pm for 5 consecutive Wednesday's.  Recordings will be available.

"Debbie is great! Really personable and relatable. Gets the message across and makes you think differently."

Emma Jones

"It has been a very insightful workshop."

Hansford Bell

"Debbie is an excellent facilitator"

Kevin Miller
Apex HR

"Covered aspects not covered by other courses undertaken. Very well delivered and received"

Novahomes Lettings Ltd

"Debbie made things clear and the exercises were enlightening. I came away feeling empowered and ready to approach my work in a more positive mindset."


"Good content, more interesting than usual Time Management courses that only deal with techniques."

Hansford Bell

"I found the workshop that 'Why Follow the Herd' delivered for our organisation extremely useful in helping us to consider how we should evolve and develop in the future. The way Debbie structured the workshop helped us to think about our organisation in a constructively critical way focusing on our priority, which is the needs of our clients. The workshop helped staff think in a creative and innovative way"

Rachel Cruise
The Zone

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