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Great Leadership Starts with YOU Live Virtual Workshop

Tuesday 20th October 2pm to 5pm BST/9am to 12pm EST.

What is leadership? If you asked 100 people what leadership is, you would likely get a whole host of answers. 

For me, leadership is all about leading the self. It's understanding yourself at a deeper level. In essence, it is self mastery.

So really, you don't need to be managing staff to be a good leader.

Interested in understanding more about how Great Leadership Starts with YOU? In this video you'll discover what you can learn in our three hour workshop..

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What you'll learn

Part One

In part one will look at triggers, reactions, and conditioning. All of these things will have an impact on how you live your life both personally and professionally. In essence you'll get a baseline for where you are now

Part Two

In part two, you'll be cultivating your vision of the future. Not what you think you should be doing, or what anybody else expects of you, but what feels right for you.  Then you'll learn to release any limitations in the way.

Part Three

Part three is all about inspiration, holding on to nurturing and supporting your idea and your vision of the future. And about sharing that with others and taking other people along on your journey, 

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Here's what people are saying about working with Debbie


Nicky Stanley

I can't believe in working with Debbie how much I have grown in confidence with in myself and managing my company.

She has helped me on a personal level as well as with my business. She has given me tools to cope with the stresses and strains of life and work, through breathing, exercises, journaling…. I have learnt so much from her.

B Gibson

I was fortunate enough to have Debbie as a coach during a particularly difficult time for me, both professionally and personally.  Debbie was very professional in all our sessions and has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she adapted to my needs as an individual. Debbie was able to provide coaching which considered my life holistically, highlighting how both my professional and personal life were intertwined.  She provided practical methods and models that I could use across both which have supported me in my home life and resulted in a job offer.