12 Steps to Living an Emotionally Intelligent Life

To live a successful and happy life it is desirable to have not only a high level of IQ but also EQ (emotional intelligence). So what is EQ and how do we boost our levels?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to really know ourselves and to understand and balance our emotions. This starts with awareness and talking 100% responsibility for our lives. When we master these 12 steps we not only live a happier, more successful life, we find ourselves to be an inspiring leader who is open and flexible to change.

STEP ONE: Knowing yourself - Many people live a life on autopilot, acting out automatic responses to situations and people. Some of the strategies you learnt over the years may be helpful and life supportive, others may lead you to respond in a negative dysfunctional way (like getting angry or carrying resentment). Emotional intelligence starts with an awareness of your thoughts and how you talk to yourself, for this indicates the level of your self-esteem.

STEP TWO: Being True to Yourself - How many of us really stop and ask what we want out of life? There are times when we do things to please others, or because we feel we have to. Emotionally intelligent people live a life true to themselves. They know what they want and have enough faith in themselves to follow their bliss. Are you living a life true to you?

STEP THREE: Boosting your Self-Esteem - The world around us can serve as mirror. If you have a lot of conflict and drama in your external life, there is every chance that there is a lot of conflict going on within your inner life. The question to ask then is, are you ruled by negative thoughts and external appearances?

STEP FOUR: Listening - Do you spend time listening to yourself...following your intuition (or gut feeling)? How do you listen to others? Do you listen judgementally or non-judgementally? Remember a person will always tell you what they want you to know. Do you take that on board, or follow your own intuition about the situation?

STEP FIVE: Letting go of Resistance - When we live and a work from a place of judgement, unforgiveness and resentment we block our own growth and stagnate. Our blocks create stress and anxiety. Learn to let it go.

STEP SIX: Follow your Bliss - Joseph Campbell said, 'follow your bliss' and he was right. For the more you follow your feelings of joy and accomplishment the more things you will see in your life that make you feel happy.

STEP SEVEN: Give - We come into life with our inner resources full of love, joy and abundance. The more you distribute these to others the more will be returned to you.

STEP EIGHT: Expecting the Best - We don't get what we want, we get what we believe (or expect). What do you expect? Life is what you make it. Focus on what you want and turn away from thoughts of what you don't want.

STEP NINE: Goal Setting - When you compile a list of the things you want to achieve you can feel the lack and limitation from not having them. A goal like getting a new job might not be the real goal...greater creative expression may be the real goal behind it. So think about what you REALLY want and why.

STEP TEN: Dedicating ourselves and taking action - Be dedicated...maintain your focus on what you want and how having that will make you feel. Maintain a desire to learn and grow. Allow yourself to be of service to others. Be motivated to take inspired action (not just any old action...it has to be inspired).

STEP ELEVEN: Be Grateful - Give thanks everyday for everything you can, for it contributes to your positive thinking. You have more to be grateful for than you often realise.

STEP TWELVE: Getting out of our Own Way - Don't take yourself too seriously. Let go of the need to control and shape the world according to you. Be open to new opportunities and new experiences. Co-operate with the flow of life...and experience it through your authentic nature of love, peace and joy. Stop trying to control the outer world and control your inner world instead.

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