Are you minted?

financial prosperity Feb 10, 2020

I recently ran a challenge for the You're Hired competition, looking for the city's most employable seventeen year old.  As I walked over to one of the teams, one of the guys asked me if I was minted!

A smile came to my face as I told them that what constitutes 'being minted' differs depending on your perception.

Money is a funny thing.  You can have a lot of money and have a poverty consciousness and live in fear of not having enough or losing what you have.  Or you can live in prosperity consciousness even though you only have a few pounds/dollars/euros to your name.

When you focus only on chasing the money, you can do it to the detriment of your health, your relationships and doing the work you love

For me 'being minted' is about having a balance in each area of my life, and living a life on purpose.

What does 'being minted' mean to you?


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