Conscious Leadership Starts with You

leadership Jun 14, 2020
Conscious leadership is more important now than ever. So, what is conscious leadership? Well, it has one of its roots in conscious communication. Good communication always starts with our inner dialogue.
If you can't communicate to yourself in a loving way, how on earth can you communicate in a compassionate way to others?
When I was talking to a business owner yesterday, her language included words such as 'hard', 'difficult' and 'struggle'. Yes, that may be the seeming appearance around us, yet the more we use words like that, the more we expect to see this. It's a bit like when you decide to buy an unusual colour car, then as soon as you buy it and drive it around, you remark on how many other cars there are of that colour, when you hadn't seen them before.
In the same way it is best to be conscious of your internal dialogue. Ask yourself, how do you treat yourself? Are you scaring yourself with your thoughts? How can you turn these thoughts around to be more life supportive?

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