See Things Anew

beliefs perspective Sep 09, 2019

Years ago, in order to fit in within a corporate organisation, I moulded my actions and behaviours in ways I thought were acceptable to my employer (which is really the wrong thing to do I know, but we all live and learn!). Doing this had an interesting effect on my gradually made me serious.  I lost seeing the world through new eyes as I was always concentrating on doing the right thing for them, right rather than doing what felt right for me.

When we decide to see the world anew each and every day we find it easier to expand our dream, to believe that even greater things are possible.  We do this from a place of not being bogged down with inaccurate beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

Life is for living.  Are you limiting your experiences or holding yourself back because of what other people believe is possible for you?  Or are you doing what I once did and moulding yourself in a way that doesn't feel right in order to fit in?

Today dare to see the world through new eyes.  Get back in contact with that childlike essence within you and know what anything is possible.


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