Spring into Action

perspective Mar 09, 2020

Even though there have been several storms already this year, where the wind has blown hard, forcing the trees to sway back and forth, and the rain has lashed down, creating swollen rivers.  Irrespective of the weather, my garden has already started to spring into action.

My camelia is blooming.  It has made the decision to showcase its magnificence to the world.

You can make the same decision too.  Irrespective of any turmoil going on around you, you can make the decision to find your happy, and show your magnificence to the world.

Are you ready to set your intentions and spring into inspired action?  Are you ready to find your happy no matter what the external appearance?

If not, why aren't you?  What resistance do you have within you that is holding you back?

I always think that life reflects like a mirror... what is going on outside of ourselves, the peace, the conflict or turmoil, is a reflection of our inner world.  


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