What are YOUR barriers to feeling free?

My family and I recently arrived at our hotel in Portugal quite late in the evening.   As we checked in at reception, the receptionist suggested that we put our all-inclusive arm bands on straight away so we could head to the bar and get a drink before it closed, after which we could finish checking in.  As we sat at the bar with a very welcome drink after a long day we got talking to another English couple who had arrived a couple of days earlier. 

Over the time of our stay we would frequently bump into this couple and often have a chat.  One evening over drinks the man told us that he had worked in the motor trade all his life even though he wasn’t really interested in cars  His real passion, he said, was football.  To play out that passion he volunteered as a coach for a football team in Sheffield.  What he really wanted to do though was to be able to earn money doing what he loved, but he said that being fifty six he was too old because you couldn’t change careers in your 50’s. 

Have you ever heard a story like that?  Maybe you heard you were too young to do a certain thing, and maybe you held off doing it.  Then before you knew it you were hearing that you were to old.  

Is that really true?  Or do we only get stuck in our thinking?

Spend today thinking about what you can do irrespective of how old you are, rather than what you can't.


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