You are Pure Potential

Over the autumn I saw the squirrels in the woods around where I live busy burying acorns.  They were a hive of action, creating their store cupboard to keep them going through the winter.

The acorn has within it everything it needs to grow into a beautiful oak tree.  Yet, if you were to cut it open, you wouldn't find anything resembling a tree inside of it.  What it does have, is the potential to grow when placed in the right environment.

You too have the potential to grow when in the right environment.  But don't think that creating the right environment is down to your boss, the government, your family... or anything else outside of you.

Your thinking and your imagination are the tools which create the right environment, in which your potential can be unleashed.

So, based on your current thoughts and imagination, what future environment are you creating?  Is it one in which your potential will bloom?

Learning to master my internal environment was the one of the best things I have ever done.  It moved me from a place of feeling down because the job I felt stuck in didn't meet all my needs.  To realising, over time, that when I learnt how to change my inner landscape of thoughts, beliefs and imagination, then my outer environment changed for the better.  Working for myself in now a joy.


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