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If you are a solopreneur, or just starting out as self employed, you will undoubtedly know that this can be both an exciting and overwhelming time.  

Nikki from Blue Raven Strategic, found, as many solopreneurs do, that she was acting as the creative director, accountant, marketing specialist, service provider, product creator amongst other roles for her business.  Juggling these roles can result in stress, overwhelm and reduced productivity.  

Working with solopreneurs like Nikki, I help them to learn a variety of tools to reduce stress, to work more mindfully, to allow a greater level of creative thinking... and more importantly to create the mindset that will support their business goals and intentions.

Small Business

If your business is growing you may be experiencing a different set of challenges to the ones you faced in the initial stages of running your business.  You may now manage a small team, and be expanding into new areas, both location and product and service wise.  As your business grows, you'll face new obstacles, as well as new possibilities for growth.   This may stretch your current comfort zone and boundaries. This is the time to re-setting your mindset and beliefs in order to support your journey.        I have worked with businesses like Hansford Bell, to create bespoke workshops to support their growth and development such as in time management, and understanding our own reactions and the reactions of others.  This type of learning can lead to attitudinal healing.  

Transformation & Change

Different organisations approach change in different ways.  Working within Transformation and Change programmes, like with Plymouth City Council, I found coaching helps the project team to approach change in a humanistic, rather than analytical manner.  It also helps staff build their emotional resilience through the change process.  

Where coaching support is not provided, attitudinal problems such as fear, stress, and anxiety, come into play.  These affect the individual on a personal level, as well as the organisation through reduced productivity, increased sickness and project delays.    

Are you ready to support your organisation through change, using attitudinal healing and building emotional resilience?  

"Debbie helped me out at a critical time leading up to a new business launch. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed by workload and doubts that were creeping in, she gave me some powerful tools to ground myself and trust my process. I'm very grateful that our paths crossed when they did, and I'm now feeling like I'm back on track."
Nikki Bollaert

Blue Raven Strategic LLC

"Debbie is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have met, she gave me lots of free space to come to my own conclusions and supported me in re-affirming my positive nature, inner strength and resilience. Thank you so much, Debbie!"
Ute Thomas

Head of HR

"Looking back now I cannot believe in just 4 months of working with Debbie how much I have grown in confidence with in myself and managing my company. She has helped me on a personal level as well as with my business."
Nicky Stanley


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