This programme helps you create Happy and Emotionally Resilient People
Don't participate in the great workplace resignation because your employees don't have the tools to deal with change.

Change is inevitable

The Association for Project Management found that...

Many people see a project as moving from A to B. It’s a technical thing, with processes to follow....that projects will always require some form of behavioural change. Project managers will always need people to do something differently. If project managers haven’t experienced personal change through a tool like coaching, they will have very little empathy with the human side of change.”  

And that, ‘Coaching has been successfully used in organisations to develop line managers and senior management teams. However, in many organisations, there is a conspicuous lack of coaching provision in project management teams. Now coaching is starting to be used more in the project management function to create and sustain a high performing project delivery capability’.    

ALL staff subject to change benefit in a positive way from some form of personal development support. 

"(There is) poor practice around change in organisations. (They are) not acknowledging or being open to being supported. Yet could benefit so much from it.

Richard McClenaghan
Senior Business Analyst


Whether an organisation is planning a change programme or not, personal development has a number of business benefits.

According to research, 42% of today’s companies do not believe in personal development coaches, yet, the study revealed that if these companies had used a coach, they would have increased their income by 46%! Of those who had received coaching, the survey revealed:  

  • 62.4% of employees got smarter in goal-setting 
  • 52.4% of employees became more self-confident
  • 57.1% of employees experienced the lowest levels of stress
  • 25.7% of them left their vices and bad habits behind

 It helps the business... and its people

  • Feeling emotionally resilient through organisational change
  • Reduce stress and anxiety (so reducing sickness)
  • Increase confidence and problem solving skills
  • Increase motivation
  • Enhance Creative thinking


You can take any or ALL of these steps...

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Discover how you and your people can create positive change with a science-backed audio programme. This is a  powerful tool for transformation both for individuals and organisation wide.  


Today's world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Our bespoke personal development workshops will provide the tools and techniques necessary to help your people through this change. 


This is a great way to help people cope with the changes and challenges in the workplace. It helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses, and overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals. 

Here's what people are saying...

"A beautiful, grounded, caring person who has powerful coaching skills and a gift for listening and identifying the core issues that lie behind the 'noise."

Linda Orr-Easo


"Covered aspects not covered by other courses undertaken. Very well delivered and received."

Hansford Bell employee

on the Art of Difficult Conversations workshop


Supporting your change journey

Making the learning from workshops count

Workshops are wonderful for learning new skills and self discovery. People can experience self realisations and change during this time.  However, the change experienced during workshop can be short term, and unless this new learning and perspectives are embedded, will often slowly gravitate back to pre-workshop levels.  The new skills and perspectives can be supported whilst forming into longer term habits, beliefs and behaviours with the Creating Positive Change audio collection or coaching/mentoring.

Taking an interactive approach

3 Steps towards Self-Leadership

The integrated approach of workshops, audio support and coaching, enables the learning to be supported as it evolves into self-leadership.

The audio programme strengthens the root system of beliefs and provides the foundation for the learning through group workshops or individual coaching support.  

Combined, this creates a truly powerful programme of personal development for your people.

Book a call to discuss how these benefits can support you and your organisation


Transform how you handle change in just 20 minutes a day

Change is inevitable. And while change can be hard, it's even harder when you don't have the tools to build resilience.   Creating Positive Change is a time-tested audio collection that will proactively help you through the most challenging changes in your personal and professional life.  

There is scientific evidence to prove these help people with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, and stress.   It can also improve emotional resilience and intelligence.


Meditation can help you to increase your productivity and remove your limitations. It can also help you to think in new ways and find new ideas. It is also helpful in stress and anxiety reduction.



Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to create positive change. This practice is safe, proven and effective for many physical and mental conditions. Work through tough issues in our safe and welcoming environment.


Positive Imagery

Positive imagery is similar to meditation, yet it is more multi sensory. There is a lot of science backing this practice which can be used for physical and emotional healing. 



Mindfulness has been proven to be affective in stress reduction. It can be likened to mental gym practices. It will help you to focus your thoughts and feelings on the present moment


"After using the audios I felt instantly calm , separated from the overwhelm of the day/situation, more focused, more positive, much more clearer thinking and relieved of stress and in a much better place both emotionally and able to tackle the day in a much more controlled way"

Samantha Engleby
Eckersleys Blinds Ltd


The science behind meditation, positive visualisation and hypnotherapy is that they work by providing the brain with a break from the day-to-day. This can allow for more creativity, less stress and more productivity.


There are many studies that have found that meditation can have a positive impact on people’s lives. It has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

  Meditation also creates an environment where creativity can flourish. This is because it allows people to take time out of their day to get in touch with themselves without any distractions from their thoughts or worries about what others might think of them.  

 In the workplace, this means that people are more productive and creative thinkers when they meditate at work than when they don’t meditate.


Positive Imaging is the practice whereby the mind thinks in pictures.  

We have particle, or logical, thinking. We have wave, or emotional thinking. Or we can connect with the quantum realm of holographic thinking.  

Mental imagery, like intuition, is a form of nonlogical thinking and it helps us make contact with our inner subjective reality. Or if you look at it in a quantum way, with the multiverse.  

Using a multi sensory approach, Positive Imaging is a powerful tool of visualisation which has been proven to heal both physical and emotional problems.


Nearly everyone has some form of stress or anxiety that they need help with. You might not be able to change the world, but you can change your inner dialogue and take control of your body and mind.  

Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis to help people change their behaviour, habits, and thoughts. it is a form of relaxation with varying depths of trance, and the effects are positive, both physically and psychologically.  

It is one of the most popular and widely used therapeutic approaches in the world, and throughout its 200 year history it has been proven to work by thousands of clinical cases and experiments.

The topics within the programme include...
(a new topic is added each month)

Here's what others are saying about the audio collection.
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"The sessions are varied in content and length and offer a sense of calm in a frenzied world. This leads to better focus on any issues that may have been bothering you."

Valerie Wilson
Artist -Creating Fiebre Art

"I found it both calming and motivating. Having that reassurance and confidence to know that it is in our control to feel differently about a situation that presents to us is powerful."

Lisa Percival
Director - Isham Accounting Services Ltd

"I must say a big thank you to your audio bundles as I believe they've helped me get not just one, but 2 job offers after successful interviews!!"

Julia Newell
Business Analyst - Lloyds Banking Group


Whether this is a short workshop or team away day, Debbie will liaise with you about core messaging, workshop duration, venue and comms to make sure it meets the needs of you and your people.

Debbie speaks on a range of themes, to motivate, inspire individuals and teams in the workplace.  Most requested themes include: 

  • Time management
  • Creating resilience
  • Handle stress in a healthy way
  • The psychology of networking
  • The art of dealing with difficult conversations
  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Emotional resilience in turbulent times
Bringing our best self to work

Emotional Resilience

The power of coming together to talk about change, and how to build emotional resilience can be life changing.  

Emotional resilience is a crucial skill for the workplace, and it is one that we are often not taught. The ability to bounce back from setbacks, to be resilient in the face of stress, or just to have the confidence to speak up when needed – these skills are very much needed in today’s workplace.

Change is the only constant

Managing Change

The way we work is changing, the way we communicate is changing, and the way we collaborate is ever evolving.

In order to manage this change in a humanistic way, it is important that management be empathetic and able to understand the needs of their people.  

Workshops are a great way for people to come together and share their thoughts on how they are feeling about this change in their workplace. It also allows them to voice their opinion on what they think needs to be done in order for them to feel like they are an active part of this change.

"“You don’t coach because something is broken or needs fixing.“ Great session from Debbie Clement-Large. Can’t believe how she engaged an audience of business owners that had never met. Really powerful session."

Charles MacRae
FRegional Manager Business Banking at Santander

"Debbie made things clear and the exercises were enlightening. I came away feeling empowered and ready to approach my work in a more positive mindset."

Hansford Bell Financial Planners


Personal development in the workplace

Personal coaching is a great way to help people cope with the changes and challenges in the workplace. It helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses, and overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals.  It also teaches people how to set better goals for themselves and find ways to achieve them.  Personal coaching can help people be more successful in their careers, as well as in life.  

It can aid staff retention and reduce sickness levels too.

A programme of personal coaching can be arranged.  Debbie can also provide a company coaching day, where staff have a short  in- person session with her.

"Debbie is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have met, she gave me lots of free space to come to my own conclusions and supported me in re-affirming my positive nature, inner strength and resilience. Thank you so much, Debbie!"

Ute Thomas
Head of HR


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