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Women, Stress and Solutions LIVE Recorded programme

4 Ways to tackle stress... written by women, for women. Learn about yourself and stress!

This programme will help you...

  • Take back control and feel more empowered
  • Understand what triggers stress
  • Feel calmer, improve mental and physical health
  • Improve your stress eating habits
  • Boost self-confidence

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 Stress can affect anyone but for many women there are factors making them particularly vulnerable to the negative impacts of stress on their life and their health.

This online progamme has been put together by women for women and offers four perspectives on stress and health. It cannot remove the sources of stress from your life, but we hope it will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and how you respond to stress.

In addition, by equipping you with things you can do to help you respond to stressful situations in a healthier way, we hope you will leave feeling empowered and more positive about the future.


Dr Rebecca Williams

This session will provide an overview of stress, with an opportunity to reflect upon your personal situation and to learn about simple tools to help you minimise the negative impact of stress on your health and your life.


Leigh Cooper

Often in life we got caught in a rut with our lifestyle choices & thought patterns & sadly this brings more of the same into our lives; STRESS being one of them. In this talk you will be given insight & tools to take you from "getting by" and moving towards creating the life that you desire & deserve. 


Debbie Clement-Large RScP

Using a meld of spiritual psychology and quantum physics, Debbie will help you to uncover the patterns of coping strategies you've learnt which are affecting how stress triggers your actions and behaviours in an unwanted way now. When you know what isn't working for your highest good, you have the choice to change.


Cathy Houghton

Many women use food to self-medicate in stressful times. This can lead to a vicious circle of overwhelm, overeating, and then weight gain, leading to more stress. In this talk you will learn why we take our stresses and anxieties out on food, why we might feel hungrier, or have cravings. An understanding of this can be the starting point for change. Then Cathy will be sharing tools, tips and resources for you to take away, to rebuild trust and confidence in your eating. 

 "Our greatest human freedom is that, despite whatever our physical situation is in life, WE ARE ALWAYS FREE TO CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS.

Viktor Frankl
Man's Search for Meaning

About the workshop presenters

Rebecca has worked as a GP in the Scottish Borders for over 20 years. Through her experience of working with many patients who are struggling with the physical and mental health consequences of stress she has gained valuable insights into how to help people in a practical way. Inspired by her clinical work and driven by her desire to educate, equip and empower people in looking after themselves, she set up her own business, Williams Stress Management, in 2018. She offers a proactive approach to stress in the form of webinars, on-site workshops and one to one support (via an online platform or in person), for individuals, businesses and organisations.

Leigh started her journey nearly two decades ago in the world of Health & Fitness as a; Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader & Yoga teacher. This took her all over the world where she ended up working on detox retreats helping people who were burnt out emotionally & physically & some who were recovering from life threatening conditions such as Cancer.  Since then she's furthered her studies with the IIN and is now an online Health Coach, mentoring groups of women, taking them from surviving life & getting by, to uncovering a body and a life in which they can thrive in.

Debbie is a certified Personal Development Coach, Hypnotherapy practitioner, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, and licensed Spiritual Psychology Practitioner and Counsellor. She has helped countless individuals make lasting changes in their lives by focusing on two key areas: being consciously aware of the words and mental imagery they use.
Debbie is also the creator of the Creating Positive Change audio collection. This for people who want to heal their past, deal with change, and gain new perspectives. This audio collection is designed to help you achieve success, overcome difficulty and find peace of mind.

Cathy coaches women online to find peace around food, and balance in their wellbeing.  She is trained in Integrated Nutrition Health Coaching, Weight Loss, Disordered Eating, and Stress Management. Cathy offers support, guidance and resources to coach women from the practicals of how to eat well, through to the habit and mindset changes needed to recover from overeating disorders. She is passionate about women investing in their wellbeing pension, and boosting their wellness through the midlife transition.   Her aim is to help women Thrive, Flourish and Blossom.  

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