Living a Whole-Hearted Life in Balance

Living a successful life, is one lived in balance. 

Are some areas of your life working well, but others not?  Are you ready to gain more balance in your life?
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When we, go after achieving just one area, say financial prosperity, we may do it at the expense of our health, our relationships and doing the work we love.  We spiritually bankrupt ourselves in the process.

The key to living a whole hearted life is to create a balance. How in balance is your life?

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Science is not catching up with what has been known for hundreds if not thousands, of years... That there is a strong mind/body connection.  

Your thoughts and beliefs have an impact on your physicality.  Think about how you blush when you feel embarrassed.  The act of blushing started from a thought.  This effect we see straight away.  Yet long held feelings like anger, guilt, shame and resentment can take longer to show up in our body.

Are you aware how are your thoughts are beliefs having an effect on your physicality?

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Financial Prosperity

It is easy to think about financial prosperity being all about the money.  Yet financial prosperity is a mindset.  You can have millions of pounds, dollars or euros in the bank, yet have a poverty consciousness and feel afraid of losing what you have.  Or you can have a few coins to your name and feel abundant.

If you focus only on 'going after the money', you can do it to the detriment of your health, your relationships and doing the work you love.  In essence, you can become spiritually bankrupt.

How is financial prosperity showing up in your life?  Do you feel abundant?  How do you gain a feeling of abundance and balance in your life?

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Did you realise that an estimated 9 out of 10 people do their job just for the money!  I know what that feels like, for that used to be me.  When you work just for the money it isn't living... It's existing!

Work consumes a large part of your day.  If you don't feel a sense of fulfilment from what you do, it can have a negative impact on other areas of your life.

Are you doing the work you love?  Does it leave you feeling fulfilled?  If yes, that's great.  If not, why not?  What is holding you back?

What do you need to do differently to gain a greater sense of balance in your life?

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The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself.  So, how do you feel about yourself?  Do you like yourself?  How about approving and loving of yourself?

Your relationship with yourself is reflected in the relationships you have with others.  You may find that there are some people you feel a real connection with, and others who irritate or frustrate you.

The people who create a negative feeling within you are a gift, for they are providing you with the opportunity to understand yourself at a deeper level.  For no-one can create a negative emotion with you...  You are the one who creates it.  

If you are the one who creates negative emotion with, you have the power to create something different.  What can you learn from your relationship with yourself and those around you?

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Death, Dying and Dealing with Change

Dealing with loss can feel challenging and overwhelming.  Loss can be felt through the passing of a loved one.  It can also be felt in other areas of life too: through the loss of health, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of prosperity.

Understanding and working through the different aspects of grief and loss are important.  

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On the fence about coaching?

Here is what Ute Thomas said about working with me...

 I made some life changing decisions as a result of my coaching sessions with her. Debbie was brilliant at remaining neutral, warm, empathic and I never felt judged despite me circling before realising the right way to go. She asked open and challenging questions, helped me prepare for a nerve wrecking assessment centre experience and given me lots of tools to help me centre myself, regain inner confidence and ensure I remain on the right path. I would recommend Debbie to anyone facing an important decision as she will help you to realise at a deep level what the right step is.