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Are you ready to awaken to your truth, both personally and professionally, at a LIVE online workshop?

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Monthly Conscious Conversations

Are you ready to explore your current consciousness (i.e your thinking and your beliefs) and understand how these emotions/feelings/beliefs which create your life experience.  Join Debbie and her friends to learn more about you, and why life is showing up for you the way it is.

When you raise your consciousness, you inspire others to raise their consciousness. So together we can change the world.

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Held the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm GMT (2pm EST)

Immersive Learning Experiences

21 Day Journey of Meditation

A mix of LIVE and online learning - starts Wednesday 24th February 21 at 12:30pm GMT (7:30am EST)


Sail away on a journey of self discovery.  Align your mind, body and spirit as you establish a daily practice. 

This journey is for you if you feel a sense of drifting in life.  If you want to rediscover what you want in life, learn how to release negative thoughts and emotions, reconnect with who you truly are, and awaken to your journey onwards.

This programme consists of 21 online meditations, and 4 LIVE 30 minute weekly group zoom calls.  Are you ready to take a 21 day journey of self discovery? If so, this programme is for YOU.

Programme starts with a LIVE session at 12:30pm GMT on 24th February 21.

Only £21.00 GBP

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Visioning your Life Purpose LIVE workshop

Wednesday 24th March 21 @ 6:30pm GMT (1:30pm EST)

Are you ready to move beyond feeling stuck?

Have you spent too much of your life wondering what you purpose is? Or not sure what you should be doing?  STOP! 

Join our exclusive LIVE training and learn how the answers you seek are already within you!

There is a place with you which knows what is for your highest good. If you are in constant 'doing' mode, you cant reach it. If you ask your friends and family what is best for you, they cant reach it either.

In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn the Visioning technique which will reconnect you with your purpose.

Only £39.99 GBP

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Heal your Heart after Loss  

3 hour workshop Friday 26th Feb 21 from 6pm - 9pm GMT/or 3 March 21 from 10am to 1pm GMT


Are you grieving the loss of a loved one, a job or career, your health, a relationship, or a pet?

If you are finding it difficult to move beyond the loss, this workshop is for you! Learn the ideas and techniques to heal your heart and find acceptance of the loss and find joy in life again.

You will experience:

  • the power of sharing with others who are dealing with loss
  • meditation for finding peace
  • forgiveness work
  • the power of releasing
  • affirmations for healing

Only £49.99 GBP

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Here's what people are saying...

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Debbie Trewin

I would like to say a massive thank you for everything you have worked through with me since last year. You have made such a big difference in helping me come through some difficult challenges. I am feeling much more positive and very happy in myself.  The tools you have shared have been invaluable.  I have more confidence to go forward with my own skills, knowledge and experience.

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Nicky Stanley

 Debbie has helped me on a personal level as well as with my business. She has given me tools to cope with the stresses and strains of life and work, through breathing, exercises, journaling…. I have learnt so much from her.  I cannot recommend Debbie enough, she has helped me believe in myself, love myself and enjoy life to the max.

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Having spent the last 55 years as regarding myself as having childhood damage, coaching with Debbie has helped me to find freedom from this.    Coaching has provided me with a lot of skills that I can continue to use. I have also felt that my life has been one of drifting in the wind. I now know that my destiny is up to me.

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