De-stress and Reduce Anxiety with a Lunchtime Meditation

Meditation is not just for the yogis and monks. It's for you too. And you deserve the best. Feel refreshed with a weekly Thursday lunchtime meditation. 

Live better by investing just 30 minutes in yourself a week

 We believe in the power of meditation to help relieve stress and achieve clarity in your thinking.  With Why Follow The Herd, you'll gain access to a library of past meditation recordings from our top teacher and experience the benefits that come with a LIVE weekly Zoom group practice.  
How to get the most from your virtual meditation sessions...

Give yourself a break and relax in your chair

Join the virtual session

Allow the meditative words and images to destress and inspire you....

Join our weekly online guided meditation session at 12:30pm UK time every Thursday. You will be guided through a 30 minute session with an expert practitioner, using the latest self care techniques and mindful meditations.

Priceless benefits only £5 a week, and the first 14 days are FREE! Lower stress levels, reduced anxiety, increased productivity, clarity of thinking, creativity and new ideas.
Pause or Cancel anytime.

” To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. Join me for this week's session...

All you need to do is cultivate the right environment within you to support your growth"

 "I really enjoy the midday lunch break as if forces me to take a break in the middle of a day. I also really enjoy practicing meditation 'formally' - I'm still a newby learning visualisation and find this a lot nicer than an app."

Lisa Percival

"The meditations create a quiet oasis in my very hectic days. I sleep much better at night when I have done the meditation that day".

Valerie Wilson

 "This was fantastic."

Jack Harrison

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is meditation? How can it help me? These are just a few questions that people ask themselves everyday.   A Lunchtime Meditation group class can help you to increase your productivity and remove your limitations. It can also help you to think in new ways and find new ideas.  With this monthly programme you can listen to the recordings for as long as you remain a member.  You can cancel at any time.

When you sign up, you'll automatically gain access to the library of past meditation session recordings.  You'll also receive an email with the next zoom session link.  Future zoom links are emailed out each Thursday morning at 8am UK time.  To support your personal development you'll be able to request topics for the monthly sessions.  You aren't tied into a long term membership. You will continue to be charged £5.00 per week until you pause or cancel your membership.  Gaining a regular practice will unfold at the right time for you, so be gentle with yourself.  Give yourself the time you need to create the change you desire.  You are worth it.

Yes.  Debbie is a certified meditation practitioner.  She is also a certified as a Life Coach, a mindfulness practitioner, a stress management practitioner,  a hypnotherapy practitioner, and a cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner.  Debbie is also licensed as a Spiritual Psychology practitioner.  She is now studying a Masters in Consciousness studies programme.  In essence Debbie is interested in the consciousness of words and images and how we can make use to them to re-programme what isn't working in our lives (or at least how we see it).

Don't wait! Let this be your new routine.

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