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Whole Hearted Living Programmes

Gain a Deeper Understanding of your Life and Gain Self Mastery 

Audio Collection

Immerse yourself in an Affirmation Bath

Words have power. The words you say and hear create a positive or negative difference within you.  These affirmation baths feed your soul with life affirming words to support you.

£2.49 GBP

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How to Find your Happy during Times of change

The only constant things in life is change. Yet change can feel challenging. Over 7 days you will gain a greater understanding of how to deal with the challenge of change.

£9.99 GBP

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21 Days to Master Positive Visioning

It only takes 21 days to form a habit.  During this audio programme you will establish the practice of positive visioning, which can help you create the life you want the way you want it.

£19.99 GBP

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Learning and Growth

Building Immunity

In this training you'll discover how to build your physical and mental Immunity. Includes a bonus meditation for mentally boosting your immunity.

£4.95 GBP

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Clear your Mind Mini Course

Over 14 days of mini challenges you will learn how you can gain self mastery of your thoughts, and allow space for new ideas and inspiration

£14.99 GBP

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Visioning your Life Purpose

Want more meaning and purpose in your life? In this programme you will learn the tools to re-connect, and live your life on purpose

£24.99 GBP

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Immersive Learning

How to Fall in Love with your Life

The greatest gift you can give yourself, is the gift of liking, appreciating and loving yourself.  In this 4 week programme you will learn the tools for letting go of the thoughts and behaviours which no longer serve you, and how to create the life you want and deserve

£125.00 GBP

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Creating Resilience - Strengthen your Bounce Back Muscle

In this intensive 6 week programme, you will uncover why life is showing up the way it is. You'll discover the keys to believing in yourself, how to overcome obstacles, and how to strengthen your bounce back muscle.

£249.99 GBP

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Whole Hearted Working Programmes

New Business Builder Masterclass Series

Are you a new entrepreneur? Or making the transition from employment to self-employment? This programme is for you.  Based on our book, 8 Ways to Mind Your Own Business: Strategy & Mindset for the New Entrepreneur, Debbie and co-author and serial entrepreneur, Clara Rose share 7.5 hours of tools, tips, exercises and strategies for kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey.

£21.00 GBP

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