Building your Physical and Mental Immunity

Want to know more about building your immunity? 

Do you want to know the actions you can take to strengthen your immunity?

Do you want to understand more about the mind body connection, and how your thoughts and mental imagery can either enhance or suppress your immunity?

If you answer yes to the above, then this training session is for you.   

Here is what you will learn:

The Power of Hormesis

We know that physical stress can be a killer, but did you know that measured doses of stress to the mind and body are actually necessary for optimal health? During this training you will be introduced to several ways of delivering such controlled stress, both safely and effectively.

Healing Practices and Therapies

We live in a time of unprecedented stress on our minds and bodies, potentially leaving us open to diseases and infections. A number of practices and therapies have been shown to bolster our ability to thrive in these challenging times.

Foods and Supplements to Boost your Body's Defences

The well known phrase, 'you are what you eat' is true! Your diet plays a huge role in the ability of your system to defend itself against pathogenic microorganisms. During the training you will learn the best foods and supplements to support you in your daily battle.

How your thoughts Suppress your Immune System

Your thoughts are your first line of defence, because your immune system registers your thoughts and feelings. In this session, you'll learn how your beliefs and internal dialogue could be lowering and suppressing your immune system to whatever bug is around at the time.

Letting go of Fear

Fear shows up in many guises. It can be as small as a doubt or a worry, or as deep and damaging as depression, despair and powerlessness. In this programme you will learn how you can start releasing thoughts that scare you, and replace them with thoughts that are loving and self supportive.

Conscious Communication for Immunity Boosting

The vast majority of the language we use, is said unconsciously. In other words, we do not take into account the power which words have on our well-being, both physical and emotional. During the training you will learn about the power of conscious communication and how you can use it everyday, to boost your immunity.

About Debbie Clement-Large

Debbie Clement-Large is an internationally recognised Life & Leadership coach, and founder of the award winning Why follow the Herd coaching practice. Debbie works with a wide range of individuals and businesses (from solopreneurs, to large scale transformation and change projects) and uses both her traditional and spiritual psychology training to create the space for conscious communication, emotional resilience and attitudinal healing. Debbie is a licensed Heal your Life teacher based on the principles of Louise Hay, and is the Health and Wellbeing business lead for the Federation of Small Businesses.

About Dr Rory McGill

Dr Rory McGill qualified in medicine in 1982 and worked in hospitals in Scotland and Wales, and in the Royal Navy, before settling as a GP in St Budeaux in Plymouth. After becoming interested in natural health and setting up Plymouth Holistic Doctor in 2009, he eventually left conventional medicine in 2014 and has since worked full time in holistic medicine and psychotherapy, with a particular interest in the mind body connection.   You can find him at


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