The Journey to Self Love workshop

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?

During this 3 hour Heal your Life workshop you will discover:

  •  the most important thing to stop doing
  •  why loving yourself and self care helps others
  •  how to release past hurts
  •  the importance of embracing your inner child
  •  Affirmations to empower yourself and your dreams

These are all methods to help you to live a happier, more peaceful and successful life.  I know they work because they have helped to change my life.  I know they will work for you too.

Heal your Life workshops

Louise Hay was a best-selling author and the founder of Hay House Publishers. Louise grew up in a very abusive home, and thus had very negative ideas about herself and life in general. At fifteen she became pregnant and gave up the baby for adoption.

Although she managed to become a runway model and marry a well-known
Englishman, her self-esteem was still low, and went lower still when her
husband left her for another woman. Eventually Louise ended up in New
York City, and a friend invited her to a lecture. The topic? Change your thinking, change your life! Although her friend never showed up, Louise went to the lecture and the ideas presented opened up a whole new vision of life for her. She eagerly took the classes and applied the ideas to her life with amazing results. Louise never graduated from high school, yet her main book You Can Heal Your Life, has sold over 55 million copies, and her publishing house is a leader in the mind-body-spirit segment.

Louise passed away at 90 years old in 2017, leaving an amazing legacy that I am happy to continue.

About Debbie

Debbie is an internationally recognised Life and Leadership Coach.  She is a licensed Heal your Life teacher, Advanced Life Coach, Stress Management practitioner, Assertiveness Coach, CBT practitioner, Mindfulness practitioner, Meditation practitioner and student of Spiritual Psychology.



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