21 Days to Master Positive Visioning

What is Positive Visioning?

Positive Visioning is like a bridge spanning a river connecting you from where you are now to what you want on the other bank.   A lot of people have the tendency to stand where they are looking over to the over riverbank and feel the lack and separation from what they want.  This never feels good. 

Positive Visioning helps you to learn how to span that bridge.  It helps you to clarify what you want.  It helps you to raise your belief and it helps you to deal with challenges along the way.

Your imagination is one of the most powerful assets you have.  So make sure you use it to your advantage!

The Power of your Imagination

When you look around you now...you may see things like a chair, a table and a phone.  Or if you are outside you may see buildings, a fence, a car or streetlights.  All these things were first in someone's imagination before they came into being.

You have that same power within your mind.  You can tap into the power of spanning the bridge from what you don't want to what you do want.

And  what you do want doesn't have to be material objects.  It can be better health, happiness, a nourishing relationship or fulfilling work.

Whatever it is you can move towards it with the use of Positive Visioning

The Power of 21 Days

Did you know that it takes just 21 days to form a new habit.  That consistent practice of a new behaviour will create new neural pathways in the brain to form.  When you think about it that isn't long at all. 

So this audio programme has been designed to work in alignment with this.  Obviously the longer you practice they better you get...but 21 days is enough to kick start new thinking, new ideas and new behaviour.

Mastering Positive Visioning

In this audio programme you will be eased into creating your practice.  Every day a new audio will become available.  Apart from making sure that you are somewhere safe, are not going to be disturbed and are able to close your eyes, there really isn't a right or wrong way to do this.  The main thing is consistency.

You see from above that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  These are 21 consistent days.  Not 21 days over 3 months, or 6 months or a year.  If you want something different to show up in your life, then you need to do something different in order to create that. 

This audio programme will cover areas such as :-

  • understanding that you want differently in your life
  • setting your intentions for the day
  • Redefining your day
  • the vision for your life
  • dealing with difficult conversations
  • weight loss
  • making the right decision for you
  • Letting go of control
  • Self appreciation - because we can't have more than enough of this!

...amongst other things.  So these exercises are great to use in both your personal and professional life.


The Benefit for YOU

You will find enormous benefit by using Positive Visioning in both your personal and professional life.  Whatever challenges life presents to us know that you have all the resources within you to deal with them.  The trick is to look within to find them...rather than trying to find the answer outside of yourself.

It will help you gain clarity on what you want out of life, rather than the temptation of doing things to please other people. 

It helps to raise your belief in yourself and in achieving what you want to achieve.

Positive Visioning seems to work in miraculous ways.  In raising your belief, you will be more open and receptive to receiving into your life what you want.  You'll feel inspired to take action and when you do you will encounter wonderful synchronistic moments that will help you along your way to making your Positive Visioning a reality.

About Debbie

Debbie Clement-Large founded Why follow the Herd in 2015 after working in the transformation and change arena and seeing how fearful, anxious, depressed and scared people facing change were feeling.   She realised that the one thing not taught in schools (or often in life generally) was how to live an emotionally resilient and successful life.  

Yet we can all learn the tools and techniques for taking back control and empowering our life.

Debbie is a qualified Advanced Life Coach, CBT practitioner, Assertiveness Coach, Stress Management practitioner, Mindfulness practitioner, Meditation practitioner, Licensed Heal your Life teacher and is currently three years into her Spiritual Life Counselling training.

Some of the organisations Debbie has coached or provided workshops for include Plymouth City Council, Plymouth NHS Hospitals Trust, Plymouth University, Pluss, Hansford Bell, The Zone and Novahomes Lettings.  She is the life coach on BBC Radio Devon and has been on Radio Plymouth.

She believes that it is never too late to create positive change in your life.

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