Creating Resilience - Strengthen your Bounce Back Muscle 6 Week Programme

Before you look at this 6 week course, Ask yourself these three simple questions…

1.    Do you keep getting the same results, when you really want something different? 
2.    Do you feel a stressful response when your needs aren’t met or understood?
3.    Do you want to learn to bounce back rather than break?

So, step into your power and learn how to create resilience.

What benefit will creating resilience give me?

To deal with the pressures we need to create resilience. This is much more than understanding why we think the way we do - and even more than creating positive thoughts and feelings. To build our resilience we need to take creative action as well.

Creating resilience is a skill set that can be learned to help you deal with the unprecedented rate of change we are experiencing. 

Imagine finding a more flexible, adaptable and positive approach to change…Then the Creating Resilience course is for you.  

 What will I get from the course?

This Creating Resilience course will provide you with the mind-set and the creative tools and techniques to help you adapt to your constantly changing environment without losing sight of your core purpose.  Throughout the course you will learn to bounce back - rather than break. 

You will get downloadable videos, audios and pdf's for each session:-

SESSION 1                            Where I am NOW and how I got Here

SESSION 2                            How my Thoughts and Beliefs Shape my Life

SESSION 3                            How I can Create the Life I've always Wanted

SESSION 4                            The Keys to Believing in ME

SESSION 5                            The Best Steps to Overcoming Obstacles

SESSION 6                            How I can Inspire others with my ideas  

If you want to take action and head in the direction of your dreams and you want to learn how to build, in a truly creative fashion, your resilience to life’s bumps, bruises, upsets and jolts, then sign up and say YES to your resilient future.

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