The Emotional Aspect of Change Bonus

This is for you if you are facing change, or if you are supporting others through the change process.

As the Association for Project Management found, “Many people see a project as moving from A to B. It’s a technical thing, with processes to follow. What I have learned is that projects will always require some form of behavioural change. Project managers will always need people to do something differently'.

These bonuses will help YOU to build a more humanistic and compassionate connection with others.

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The 5 Stages Crib Sheet

In this PDF download you will learn more information about the different stages of the change curve, as initially created by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

Understanding each stage, and how it affects both you and those around you, will help to build emotional intelligence and resilience in both your personal and professional lives.

Audio Exercise

In order to help others through change, it is useful to have an understanding of how you deal with change yourself.

In this audio you will increase your conscious awareness of your responses to change, which in turn will help you to understand the responses of others.


In these short videos you will learn more about moving from intellectually understanding emotional intelligence, and the different stages we go through, to knowing it on a deeper level.

These videos include conversations with holistic doctor, Dr Rory McGill, and Interview Mastery CEO, Michael Neece.  There is also a recording of the Emotional Resilience in Turbulent Times talk presented to the FSB.