Whole Hearted Leadership in Business

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

is a wonderful balance of co-operation, trust, compassion, stability, hope and open and productive working environments. Here is how I can help...


One to one coaching sessions are a powerful way to transform your life both personally and professionally.  The sessions are tailored for you and ensure you receive the support you need when you want it.

Coach on Call

Revolutionary coaching support just when your business needs it.  Purchase the number of coaching hours you want for the month.  Agreed staff call-off against them in the month or you can bank them until you need them.


Explore the flexibility of pre-designed workshops which have positively transformed businesses.  Alternatively provide specifications for your needs and we will design a workshop just for you.


A twelve month programme of monthly 90 minute workshops either in person or via Zoom  covering a variety of topics to help you manage with heart and mind.  Available in one to one or in group format.

Life & Leadership Coaching

Great Leadership comes from managing with heart and mind.

People leave poor bosses, not poor organisations.  Emotionally intelligent leadership is one of co-operation, of  listening with a whole heart, connecting on a deeper level beyond negativity, taking 100% responsibility for what is showing up and moving forward by listening to your intuition and taking inspired action.

In doing so you become an emotionally intelligent leader capable of inspiring others on a chosen path of happiness and success.



Reserve your FREE 30 minute Coaching Discovery Session

Discover how coaching can help you to live a whole hearted life by signing up for a no obligation FREE thirty minute session by Zoom.  So it doesn't matter where you are in the world.

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Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions cost £95 per face to face session (n the Plymouth area) or £85 via Zoom or telephone and last 60 minutes.  30 minute sessions are available online or via telephone.

Where face to face sessions outside of the Plymouth area are requested additional travel costs will be charged.  These will be kept to a minimum,

There are three main coaching programmes.  

  1. A weekly Intensive Transformation Programme of 13 sessions for those seeking a fast period of personal development and growth
  2. A bi-weekly Transformation programme of 7 sessions for those who require a more paced rate of change
  3. A monthly Maintenance Programme for those who wish to maintain your change.
  4. For those requiring a bit more flexibility in their personal development a bespoke programme of change can tailored especially to meet your needs.

Yes, I offer a service called Coach on Call whereby you can purchase the number of hours per month you require and your staff can call off against these hours as required.  Any unused hours can be rolled forward.

See more details within the Coach on Call section.

"Debbie helped me out at a critical time leading up to a new business launch. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed by workload and doubts that were creeping in, she gave me some powerful tools to ground myself and trust my process. I'm very grateful that our paths crossed when they did, and I'm now feeling like I'm back on track"

Nikki Bollaert
Blue Raven Strategic LLC

"When I had a presentation to do for a new bid Debbie really helped me structure an interesting and engaging presentation using a narrative approach. The result was far better than anything I could achieve on my own. It was informative whilst involving participants at an emotional as well as an intellectual level. The ideas she gave me helped deliver a memorable presentation"

Rachel Cruise
Operations Director, The Zone, Plymouth

Coach on Call

Revolutionary Coach on Call Service

Provide monthly coaching support for your team as part of an employee assistance scheme.

As we all bring our whole-selves to work, issues we create in our personal lives can have an impact on our work life.  Seeking support for these types of issues from a manager often doesn't feel comfortable for an employee.  Yet unresolved issues can lower productivity, raise levels of sickness or even create higher levels of staff turnover. 

With the Coach on Call service you choose the number of hours support you wish to provide for your staff per month.  Agreed members of staff call-off against these hours as required.  Sessions can either be in person or via Zoom.

This provides a flexible cost effective support solution from as little as £85 per month.


Coach on Call Frequently Asked Questions

This is a coaching support retainer service in which you decide how many hours support your team requires per month.  These can then be called off by agreed members of your team.

Sessions can be 90 minutes, 60 minutes or 30 minutes.

Any unused hours can be rolled forward to the following month.

You will receive a report at the end of each month detailing hours used.

This is a flexible service where you pay for the number of hours of support you and your team require in the month. 

If, for example, you think that you would like to have access to ten hours of support in a month.  You pay for the hours in advance, then during the month your staff can call off against those hours as required.  Any unused hours will roll forward to the following month. 

Sessions are £95 per hour face to face the Plymouth area), and are £85 via Zoom or by telephone.

Face to face sessions outside of the Plymouth area will incur an additional cost for travelling, which will be kept to a minimum.

No, this is a monthly rolling programme.  You pay for the month in advance and can cancel at any time.

Please note that no refunds will be payable on partially used months, so it is advisable that all sessions are used.


Available Workshops

We have available a wide selection of 90 minute, half day and full day workshops that have been designed to help you to discover the skills and insights you need to work whole-heartedly.  To realise your own potential and your ability to lead people on a chosen path to happiness and success. 

Workshops are run frequently and your investment is typically  £30 for a 90 minute workshop, £60 for a half day workshop, or £149 for a whole day workshop. 

Workbooks are usually provided.  For half day workshops the cost includes refreshments.  for the full day workshop you receive refreshments and lunch.

Bespoke Workshops

If a workshop you need isn't currently available, please feel free to request a bespoke workshop to be created and delivered to you and your team.

Your investment is typically (depending on location), £250 for a 90 minute workshop, £500 for a half day or £1,000 for a full day workshop.  This includes working with you to ascertain your needs and requirements, creating a workshop, workbooks for participants and delivery of the session.

Previous bespoke workshops include The Psychology of Networking half day workshop for a team of eleven staff members.  A Dealing with Difficult Conversations 90 minute workshop for a team of seven employees and a Making an Impact 90 minute workshop for a group of seventeen year old finalists in the Your Hired Plymouth's most employable 17 year old competition (see right hand photo below).

Email me at [email protected] for more information.



"Debbie is a fantastic workshop facilitator"

Apex HR

"Covered aspects not covered by other courses undertaken. Very well delivered and received"

Novahomes Lettings

"It has been a very insightful workshop"

Hansford Bell

Leadership with Soul

We have never needed enlightened leadership as much as we do now.

Whole Hearted Leadership from Heart and Mind

Coming soon...

A twelve month programme of monthly 90 minute workshops either in person or via Zoom.

Each month a new topic will be covered to enable you to be an emotionally resilient leader capable of inspiring others on a chosen path of happiness and success. 

Available in one to one or in group format.

Leadership with Soul Programme to Include

Leadership with Soul Programme

The world is crying out for inspired leaders.  A new style of leadership that leads with heart and mind.  If you want to find out more complete the form below and we'll be in touch with details.

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