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Digging Deep

This is a young adult fiction which speaks to the young adult in all of us. Having lost her dad in an accident, Trudy lives with her now alcoholic mother. Yet she retains hope of a better future... and of finding that beneath the surface there is only love.

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8 Ways to Mind Your Own Business

Are you are a new entrepreneur looking to learn more about the strategy and mindset of starting and running a new business?  In this book you'll create your journey from passion, to taking on employees and create your business the way you want it.

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Gain a Deeper Understanding of your Life and Gain Self Mastery 

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The ART of Being Happy

Discover how to meld words and images to create a powerful way of raising your consciousness so it is in alignment with what you want to manifest...which is ultimately living a happy life.

8 Ways to Mind Your Own Business Workbook

The companion workbook to the 8 Ways to Mind Your Own Business book.  This workbook has even more exercises to help you to create your business, and cultivate your mindset.