Positive Imaging and Visioning

Course Summary

Use the power of positive imaging to help you achieve your vision of the future and promote health and healing

Inside this programme you will learn the powerful technique of visioning for future...
and how you can use positive imaging to help create your vision into reality

this programme was recorded with a LIVE audience

Course Curriculum

Coach: Debbie Clement-Large

Debbie Clement-Large is a personal development coach and founder of Why follow the Herd. She has helped countless professionals and entrepreneurs at all levels of success make lasting changes in their lives by focusing on two key areas: being consciously aware of the words and mental imagery they use. 

As a certified Life Coach, Meditation practitioner, Mindfulness practitioner, Hypnotherapy practitioner, Stress Management practitioner and licensed Spiritual Psychology Practitioner/Counsellor and Coach, Debbie melds intuitive, quantum and therapeutic practices together to create a powerful means of inner transformation.

Debbie is also the creator of the Creating Positive Change audio collection. This is for people who are passionate about self development, want to heal their past, deal with change, and gain new perspectives. This audio collection is designed to help you achieve success, overcome difficulty and find peace of mind.

Invest in your vision of the future

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    Powerful techniques for visioning your future, and bringing it to life.

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